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  • Creative Guest Bathroom Lighting Ideas

    A Transitional Guest Bathroom Design

    Out of all the bathrooms in your home, the guest bathroom is the one that’s meant to impress your guests, am I right? Here are a few creative guest bathroom lighting ideas that you will love and your guests will appreciate.

    Assess your current lighting in your guest bathroom:

    If you are like many homeowners you have the same bathroom lighting fixtures from twenty years ago, or have the basic lighting the builder put into your home. While this may be sufficient, over the years your entertaining guest lifestyle may have changed. Especially during the summers and holidays when out of town guests and their families need to share the bathroom, ensure the lighting is adequate.

    Is there ample light at the mirror and in the shower/bathtub area? Are there shadows or dark areas that could use a fixture? Make a note of these and determine if ambient or overall lighting is needed - and also consider task lighting for mirror usage as well.

    Clean and Modern Guest Bathroom

    Choose lighting that compliments your bathroom decor:

    Once you have determined what areas of your guest bathroom could use more light or an updated look, it’s now time to enjoy choosing lighting fixtures! Take cues from your bathroom decor, like the photo above from Green Tile Installer. Modern bathroom light fixtures with minimal detailing and sleek profiles look beautiful with designer tile, quartz, and granite countertop materials and can bring a refined and minimalist look to your bathroom.

    Traditional guest bathrooms with intricate wood detailing, like the one at the beginning of this post from Christine Markatos Design, have classic and natural features that could benefit from elegant traditional bath lighting fixtures.

    Contemporary Guest Bathroom Decorating with Pendant Lights

    Lighting can be functional and for aesthetics:

    While the appeal of lighting is usually for a functional purpose of illuminating your bathroom for safety and bathing, you can also use lighting to create a mood, as seen in the above photo from Gardner Mohr Architects. Creative guest bathroom lighting ideas such as placing sconces at your mirror or installing dimmable recessed lighting can add ambiance and are wonderful for guests who may need a variety of lighting options.

    Several online lighting stores like Lamps Plus have lighting collections to help you choose fixtures that go together. Consider bathroom lighting collections to choose ceiling fixtures, wall mounted fixtures and more that will all coordinate the look of your bathroom.

    Now that your guest bathroom is ready to be shown off, use these helpful tips for choosing lighting that is sure to bring out the best in your bathroom and help your guests enjoy their stay!

    Image Credits: Christine Markatos Design, Green Tile Installer, Gardner Mohr Architects.

  • Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas to Add Sparkle to Your Home

    The holidays are here and once Halloween passes us by, we’ll all by looking for easy holiday decorating ideas to embellish our homes for the season. It’s fun to decorate for the occasion but it shouldn’t be overwhelming. Decking the halls with a few baubles here and there should be just enough to add sparkle to your home and still allow for plenty of time to make yourself merry with friends and family. 

    With so much time spent around the dining table, why not place the focus on your pendant light fixture! String up beads, ribbons, and ornaments to accentuate your chandelier like these three different styles: one golden and glamorous from Patina Green, the next neutral and subdued by Marie Claire, and the third whimsical and wintry in a palette of silver and white found over at Real Simple.

    Holiday Decorating Ideas to Add Sparkle to Your Home

    Miniature trees in an enclosed forest appear more elegant under cloches and domes, like these versions by Emily Henderson. The simplest centerpiece is a grouping of shimmering ornaments piled up high in a pedestal vase, place it in the middle of your holiday table like this one at Style at Home for an easy way to add sparkle.

    Holiday Window Display Idea

    Holiday Dining Table in Green and Gold

    Glitter and tinsel are your best friends when you crave a little sparkle, layer chip board letters from a craft store with silvery glitter for a seasonal sentiment like this swag from Better Homes & Gardens. Tie a golden glittery ribbon around silverware to make it extra special like Sugar and Cloth or arrange a simple tinsel tree inside an heirloom for a nod to the past like Adventures of Elizabeth.

    Decorate Your Home for the Holidays with Glitter

    These are just a few easy holiday decorating ideas, but there are many more creative ways to add sparkle to your home. How do you get your home ready for the season?

    Image credits: Patina Green, Marie Claire, Real Simple, Emily Henderson, Style at Home, Better Homes & Gardens, Sugar and Cloth, The Adventures of Elizabeth

  • 5 Simple DIY Decorative Trays

    5 DIY Tray Project Ideas

    I heart trays … from lacquer to brass to wood. And DIY decorative trays that you make yourself are even better.

    They corral clutter and everything looks more important when it’s perched atop a tray.

    I love finding vintage silver platters (tarnish and all) and scattering them around the house to hold everything from an alarm clock and books on my bedside table, to a silver creamer set filled with cotton balls and lip gloss in my bathroom.

    Decorative Silver Tray on a Nightstand

    Can’t find the perfect decorative tray? Whip up one of your own.

    I made this fun chevron tray from an old window I found in my neighbor’s dumpster. You can see how I made it at Eclectically Vintage.

    DEcorative Tray DIY from Eclectically Vintage

    What’s more classic than leopard print? Sanity Fairy paired it with a Lucite tray and now she has the chicest tray in town.

    DIY Lucite Tray with Leopard

    Turn a boring wooden tray into something special with strips of colorful paper like this one made by Fellow Fellow. Breakfast in bed will never be the same.

    Decorative Tray DIY Idea

    Scour your sofa for loose change to make this cute penny tray from Being Brook. She poured a clear acrylic on top so it’s sooth as glass and perfect for a glass or two of wine.

    DIY Tray Idea Using Old Pennies

    I was lucky enough to find a ton of vintage wooden soda crates for free recently! Once I clean them up, they’ll be making their way into my house for tray duty like this one from Hello Lidy.

    Repurposed Crate Used as a Decorative Tray

    Get creative and make a DIY decorative tray or two…or three.

    Image credits: Eclectically Vintage, Eclectically Vintage, Sanity Fair, Fellow Fellow, Being Brook, Hello Lidy.

  • Delta Duo Debut: Geometric Lamp Designs by Robert Abbey

    On today's Design Dossier, we're thrilled to introduce a brand new, exclusive collection of geometric table lamp designs from Robert Abbey Inc. The Delta Duo lamps are an updated take on Robert Abbey's iconic Delta lamp - with a twist. The new collection is two-toned, and topped with a white gloss paper shade lined in stunning metallic foil. 

    Robert Abbey Geometric Table Lamps at Lamps Plus

    Thoughtfully selected by our in-house design team in partnership with Robert Abbey, these lamps are available in three color block options of taupe and gray, light and deep turquoise, and lily and gold

    The metallic foil lining of the shades adds just a touch of sparkle, and the coordinating finial completes the look of these geometric lamp designs. Table lamps like these pair well with other geometric furniture and decor, or can stand alone as a design statement. 

    Robert Abbey Delta Duo Table Lamp in Gray

    The synergy between Robert Abbey and Lamps Plus has always been great style at great value. Robert Abbey and Lamps Plus have been partners for more than 30 years. Both companies have been pioneers in the lighting industry for innovation and design, and have grown to national success together. Not only that, both companies remain family-owned, and at the heart of their business propositions value the strong relationship they've cultivated.

    Robert Abbey Delta Duo Table Lamp in Turquoise

    The limited edition Delta Duo table lamp collection is made in America and hand-crafted at the Robert Abbey Hickory plant in North Carolina. Priced at just $166.91, this collection is exclusive to

    For tips on how to incorporate the geometric lighting and decor trend into your home, check out my tips for decorating with geometrics on The Huffington Post.

    Design Dossier is our monthly series where we share highlights of some of Lamps Plus’ most popular, unique, and interesting lighting choices straight from our showrooms.

  • Unique Fall Home Decorating Ideas

    Autumn interiors can be interpreted in many ways. Some of the more obvious looks include orange-colored everything, leaves scattered about and pumpkin spice candles on tabletops. But, there are other unique fall home decorating ideas that are less literal and that look terribly chic. I was inspired by some images I found on the blog Belgian Pearls that made me think about autumn interiors in a more organic way.

    Natural Interiors

    The fall seems to be a time when we welcome natural and organic items into our home such as gourds, wood for fires and fruit for cooking. I love how these images highlight natural decor such as linen, roughhewn earthenware and woods. A cozy fire or soft lighting from traditional table lamps can round out the look. Even something as simple as a spool of thread, artfully displayed, can become a work of art and add a unique touch to your fall home decor.

    Traditional Decor

    Speaking of fires, make sure your autumn home has ample wood storage. Whether it’s a basket, a canvas carrier or metal caddy.

    The natural autumn home should also have pale, soft furnishings like pillows, throws and bedding in cream, gray and subtle plaids. This color palette is a great transition from pale summer colors like watery blues! Additionally, elegant light fixtures above the nightstands will compliment the fall bed.

    Fall Home Decor

    Shopping List: 1. Jamie Young Barley Twist Natural Wood Table Lamp 2. Rope Handle Basket Fatwood Caddy 3. Woolrich Oak Harbor Brown Neckroll Pillow 4. Natural Finish Solid Wood Dining Table 5. Malibu Natural Linen Wingback Chair 

    Image Credits: Belgian Pearls.

  • How to Choose the Perfect Bedside Reading Lamps

    When you are reading your favorite novel before bedtime or surfing the internet on your tablet, your bedside reading lamps are there like a trusted friend. Have you ever thought about how to choose the perfect bedside reading lamps? Reading lamps come in different sizes, mounting options and decorative styles. Before you hastily choose just any lighting companion, take a look at these simple tips to consider when choosing the perfect table lamps for your bedroom.

    Blue Bedside Table Lamps

    Select bedside reading lamps that suit your bedroom lifestyle

    Everyone has a different use for lighting in the bedroom and considering how you best use bedside lighting will help you choose the right fixtures. If you live in a small apartment or have a bedroom where space is limited, consider wall sconces or wall-mounted swing arm lamps . These are helpful for versatility when reading at night or for task work like crocheting or just for soft ambiance. If you have bedside tables that can afford space – look to gorgeous table lamps that command a presence and compliment your bed linen and wallpaper. Rachel Reider does a beautiful job with these blue table lamps that would make you feel great every time you get in and out of bed and will anchor the bed and room beautifully.

    Mix and match reading lamps or keep them identical?

    There used to be a time when bedside table lamps were all identical. In today’s modern home mixing and matching bedside lamps are welcomed but try and keep them a similar scale so you can reach them easily from either side of the bed. Also consider using a similar architectural theme when choosing different lamp base styles. The same lamp base colors but different lampshades or even keeping identical reading lamps with different bedside tables is a modern trend for your bedroom. Your bedroom doesn’t have to follow strict design rules as long as your bedside lamps feel comfortable to use and make your bedroom feel fabulous.

    How to Choose Bedside Table Lamps for your Home

    Decide what other lighting fixtures will be present in your bedroom

    Depending on the rest of your bedroom you may need brighter bedside reading lamps, or a soft chandelier fixture may be plentiful. Feldman Architecture illuminated this loft bedroom beautifully with two chandeliers flanking each side of the bed. Plentiful daylight through adjacent windows and possible overall ambient lighting fixtures can help you choose lamps that will fit your illuminating needs. Also consider the light bulbs you use when choosing your bedside reading lamp. Softer white bulbs may cast a softer glow as well as lighter fabric lampshades can produce a more welcoming delivery of bedside luminescence.

    Unique Bedside Lighting Idea

    Creating a bedroom that you love to retreat to every evening can be made simple with the addition of the perfect lighting. Decide what your bedroom lifestyle is and how large the area is around your table to add lighting fixtures. Consider using nontraditional lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, but keep in mind that mixing and matching beside table lamps can still be a welcomed design choice. There’s nothing better than reaching over to your trusted bedside lamp to help you unwind after a long day. Choose the perfect bedside reading lamps with these tips to help create a relaxing bedtime reading experience that you can’t wait to retreat to.

    Image credits: Rachel Reider, LMB Interiors, Feldman Architecture.

  • Colorful Home Decor and Lighting to Update Your Space

    Though I tend to lean more towards monochromatic color schemes when styling a space, I do use colorful home decor and lighting to update my space. It's an easy way to bring in color without being stuck with it forever. It's the difference between getting a blue couch that you get sick of in a year, or adding in some pretty blue table lamps that you can switch out when you're bored.

    Colorful Home Decor and Lighting to Update Your Space

    Start with your Color Scheme: A great rule of thumb is to stick with 2-3 colors - no more, no less. Having a set scheme helps pull together the look of your space, like this amazing grey, silver and orange living room featured in Lonny Magazine. The main color here, orange, can be swapped out easily with new art, pillows and lamps. If you're not sure where to start in terms of colors, I LOVE using the online design tool called Color Scheme Designer, pictured below.

    The Color Scheme Designer

    Introduce Colorful Home Decor and Lighting: If you're having a hard time trying to find what EXACTLY you should bring into your space with color, I'll make it easy: 5-6 things you both need and want. So it needs to be pretty and have your color but also serve a purpose. You don't want to just bring in 5-6 decorative only pieces. Wall art or some kind of piece on the wall in your color is great but also think about colorful home decor and lighting like lamps, vases, books, pillows, throws, candles and trays.

    Voila! You've picked your colors and your pieces, now its time to place them throughout the room. There isn't a strict rule here; you'll want to play around with what you put where and so on. The point is to have fun and to feel inspired by your space and the colors in it. The first pic in this post is the PERFECT example in case you want a road map of some kind.

    How do you infuse color into your space?

    Image Credits: Lonny, Color Scheme Designer.

  • Using Room Dividers To Create Space

    Remember 1970?

    It was the first time individuals started using room dividers to create space.

    And room dividers were clever and functional and creative....

    .....and usually modular and orange and plastic.

    Not so now.

    Reclaimed Wood Room Divider

    Modular and orange and plastic have been replaced with metal and graphic and even reclaimed wood like this room divider in this meeting space by Richard Shed Studio on Yatzer.

    Take a look at these stylish room dividers that are so now.

    Unique Room Divider to Create Space

    This graphic starburst metal screen designed for Istanbul’s Mizedechanga restaurant was recently featured in enRoute Magazine.

    The screen divides the room into two separate areas, yet provides the illusion of one space with the open fretwork of the design.

    Why not create this look in your own home using a folding aluminum screen with graphic quatrefoil design?

    A Contemporary White Shelf as a Room Divider

    Divide a living space into with a bookcase as featured in this room from skona hem.

    The architectural feature of the bookcase creates a room within a room and provides storage and visual symmetry.

    To create the look in your own home...start with a large white bookcase with an open cube design and frame in with molding.

    For a more contemporary look, choose a bookcase with a simple graphic repeating element.

    Whatever your room....whatever your style...using room dividers to create space is both functional and affordable.

    It's a simple way to make a space your own.

    Thank you 1970.

    Image Credits: YatzerenRoute Magazineskona hemCoastal Living.

  • Get the Look: A Traditional Living Room with Pops of Color

    Fellow DC blogger Lindsay Souza of The Pursuit of Style recently had her Capitol Hill home featured on Glitter Guide. Her cheery space could not be ignored — her traditional living room in classic creams and navys features pops of color in bright pinks and reds. Her bright space is perfectly decorated yet you feel like you can come right in and get cozy on the comfortable sofa. Here's how to get Lindsay's look in your own space:

    Classic Cream and Navy Living Room with Red and Pink Accents

    Shopping Guide: 1. Brushed Steel Metal Adjustable Pole Pharmacy Floor Lamp 2. Vetro Tortoise Glass Table Lamp 3. Super Pink Basketweave Cashmere Blend Throw Blanket 4. Contemplation II 33" High Framed Wall Art 5. Iron Bamboo Set of 3 Nesting Tables 6. Outer Banks Blue Stripes Collection Area Rug 7. Robeson 13" Round Wall Mirror 8. White Clam Shell Decorative Bowl 9. 1895 Chicago 30" High Framed Wall Art 10. Robert Abbey Athena Peacock Glazed Ceramic Table Lamp 11. Antique Brass Finish Serving Tray 12. Brynn Montague Indigo Slipcover Sofa 13. Farm Toile Shade

    Image credits: Stacy Zarin Photo for Glitter Guide.

  • Transitioning from Fall to Winter Home Decor

    Fall and Winter Front Doors

    Transitioning from fall to winter home decor can be fun and exciting.  Adding accents to your home that are seasonally thematic brings a fun and festive feel to your space.  House of Turquoise and It's a House show us how to style your doorway for both fall and winter with simple and chic accents.  

    Remember in fall to stay with the warm, rust and amber colored accents and Thanksgiving-inspired decor; but for winter embrace whites, pine needles and holiday cheer.

    Winter White Home Decor

    The two images above from Dusty Lu Interiors and Lauren Conrad clearly demonstrate the transition from fall to winter decor.  It is as easy as switching out your cuddly throw blanket for a chic winter white one.  This easy seasonal switch-a-roo can be implemented anywhere around your home - from crisp white accent lamps to modern white mirrors, your home decor accents can also get a winter white makeover.

    Fall and Winter Tablescapes

    Holiday dinner parties are a big part of both fall and winter seasons.  Dressing your table accordingly is key to throwing a beautiful soiree.  For fall, use natural, earthy accents like mini pumpkins and dried flowers.  For winter, try using a monochromatic palette of whites and ivories.  Which of the tablescapes above from Quirky Sophisticate and Decoist do you like best?

    Home Vignettes for Fall and Winter

    The final step to transitioning from fall to winter with your home decor is incorporating seasonal accessories.  Restored Style and Simply Domestic show us how small, seasonal accent vignettes can embody the feel of the season.  These small details will make your house feel like a home for the holidays.

    Image Credits: House of Turquoise, It's a House, Dusty Lu Interiors, Lauren Conrad, Quirky Sophisticate, Decoist, Restored Style, Simply Domestic

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