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  • Classic Globe Lighting, Reinvented

     Classic Globe Lighting

    Forget thinking that classic globe lighting is only for fans of the 1970s. True, it was a huge trend, but that trend has become a mainstay for current contemporary interior design.

    Modern lighting is obviously varied, but the globe light, in its many forms, instantly adds architecture and interest to most rooms not to mention exteriors. I will readily admit that I had a giant chrome globe-style floor lamp in my bedroom circa 1977 and wished I had saved it...the brown shag carpet, however, not so much. 

    Shopping List: Sonnet Winding Globe 7-Light Chrome Pendant LightGeorge Kovacs Polished Chrome Arc Floor LampArtcraft Brooklyn Chrome Globe Pendant Light 

    Modern Light Fixtures

    The classic glass globe is where it all started. While you may still see them on cheesy walkways in front of dated 1970s buildings, they are actually very chic, especially on renovated mid-century homes, and as decorative pendant lights in kitchens and in dining rooms. I think they can also look superb dangling in closets and in a foyer.

    Shopping List: Robert Sonneman 3 Light Bubbles Globe Pendant ChandelierPele White Glass Satin Nickel Tech Lighting Mini Pendant

    Contemporary Globe Lights

    Textural globe lighting is a unique twist on this classic style. Also born out of a daring mid-century aesthetic, it was perfected abroad. Now, your globe style lighting can have a softer, more interesting glow albeit still modern.  

    Shopping List: Possini Euro Design White Flower Pendant ChandelierPossini Euro Design Dandelion Chandelier

    Photos: The Designer Pad.

  • Bathroom Lighting Basics for a Home Decor Refresh

    Bathroom Lighting Basics for a Home Decor Refresh

    January has been Back to Basics month. We've covered the fundamentals of lighting in every room of the home and we've saved the best for last: the bathroom. Lighting basics in this space are essential, since bad lighting at the sink or in the shower—too dim, too harsh—can make those puffy-faced Monday wake-ups even more painful than they already are. Much attention is given to bathroom lighting when a ground-up renovation is taking place, but a complete overhaul needn't be in your future. A few simple switches are also possible for renters or homeowners looking to make a quick and inexpensive home decor refresh. 

    Bathroom Task Lighting

    The two easiest places to switch out lighting in the bathroom are at the sink and in the ceiling. That is to say, focus on the zone where you'll be doing specific tasks like brushing your teeth or applying makeup, and on general overhead lighting. Look for glass and metal wall sconces and pendants that can handle a high-humidity environment, but go for impact with unique shade shapes, detailing, and finishes. A ten minute swap will be a huge improvement over the standard issue bathroom fixtures that come with your home!

    Bathroom Pendant Lights

    In case you missed them, here are our other Back to Basics posts: Kitchen Lighting Basics for a Home Decor Refresh, Living Room Lighting Basics for a Home Decor Refresh, and Bedroom Lighting Basics for a Home Decor Refresh!

    Shopping Guide: 1. Bronze Two Light Bath Bar 2. Aged Brass Wall Sconce 3. White Glass and Brushed Brass Bathroom Fixture 4. Rubbed Black Bronze Wall Sconce 5. Bronze and Glass Orb Pendant Light 6. Olde Bronze Pendant Light 7. Dark Bronze Pendant Light

    Images: Lamps Plus Guest Blogging Pinterest.

  • Four Unique Window Treatments

    Unique Window Treatments

    I think that window treatments are a lot like jewelry.

    Some are subtle and serene.

    Some are simple and classic.

    And some are colorful and full-of-life.

    I'm an over-the-top jewelry wearer.  I never met a pair of blingy, sparkly earrings I didn't like.  I'm drawn to the unique, the one-of-a kind, the unusual and the interesting......

    .....just like my window treatments.

    So whether you like your jewelry classic or dramatic.....or fun or quirky, here are four fun ideas to create unique window treatments for your home.


    Window Treament Ideas That Are Unique

    1. Visit your linen closet

    There are a host of possibilities behind the doors of your linen closet.

    Create a fresh look with tablecloths or dishtowels or sheets or even a decorative throw.

    Or why not repurpose netting designed for the bed over a window?

    Add personality and dramatic interest with linens at about half the price of traditional curtains.

    Add Architectural Interest to a Window

    2. Who needs fabric?

    Let a little light in when you forgo traditional curtains for a dramatic valance made from decorative scrollwork.

    Or metal ironwork?

    Or a piece of barn wood or a garden gate?

    It's easy. Architectural elements add the perfect streamlined look for any window.

    Frame A Window With Prints for a Unique Window Treatment

    3. Frame it

    Let the sunshine and enjoy the view by adding visual interest around the windows with a collection of prints. 

    Why not frame fun family recipes?

    Or print out your children's artwork and frame it around the kitchen window.

    Looking for a little whimsy? Introduce a little fun with colorful framed wall art.

    What To Do With A Blank Wall 

    4. Create a faux window

    Have a large blank wall to fill?

    Why not create the illusion of a window? Hang curtains and hardware and paint your view.

    You could add a simple geometric pattern or a landscape or even painted window frames. Then add a stylish decorative mirror to reflect light and truly showcase your creativity.    

    Unique Window Treatments for a Kitchen

    Whether simple and classic or colorful and full of bling.....your window jewelry reflects you.

    So have a little fun and try something unique with your window treatments for a creative addition to any room.

    Let your windows truly reflect your personality and your style.....

    ......and let the sun shine in!

    photo credit: Photo 1: Martha Stewart Photo 2: bhg Photo 3: Midwest Living Photo 4: bhg Photo 5: bhg Photo 6: Martha Stewart

  • Inspired by Pink and Red Lighting

    Pink and Red Lighting from Lamps Plus

    With Valentine's Day coming up, I can't get reds and pinks off my mind. There is so much inspiration floating around to inspire a pop of red or pink in your space — from a tufted ottoman to a suzani rug — I've found some amazing pink and red lighting, as well as Valentine-hued home accents for you to add that warm pop of color to your space.

    Shopping Guide (clockwise):
    1. Robert Abbey Pink Ceramic and Brass Table Lamp
    2. Polka Dot Accent Pillows
    3. Red Ceramic Rectangular Table Lamp
    4. Cumberland Red Wine Decorative Throw Blanket
    5. Red Bottle Vase
    6. Fuchsia Table Lamp
    7. Pick-Me-Up Pink Alarm Clock
    8. Suzani Tile Red Area Rug
    9. Red Dupioni Silk Shade Floor Lamp
    10. Red Office Chair
    11. Potted Faux Orchid
    12. Brushed Pink Genie Touch Desk Lamp
    13. Robert Abbey Delta Lamp
    14. Hand-Tufted Coral Linen Ottoman
    15. Zuo Phante Pink Kids Chair

  • Start 2013 Off with an Organized Home

    Shelving in an Organized Home

    If the image of the meticulously organized home above makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, you are not alone!  There are only a handful of instances throughout the year that we subconsciously find ourselves fiending for a clean slate, and the beginning of the new year is one of them.  Starting off the year with a pleasantly arranged home makes us feel like it will be that much easier to accomplish our goals, achieve our resolutions, and set the stage for a positive, productive year.  Below are some ways, both tried and true as well as unique and fun, to start 2013 off in an organized way.

    Organized Home Bathroom

    Having an organized bathroom is really important to me.  It is one of the first places I see in the morning and one of the last places I visit before getting in to bed, so to bookend my day with tidiness and organization inspires me to keep everything else orderly and efficient.  These bathroom organization images offer up new and interesting bathroom storage ideas for the crafty DIY reader.

    Kitchen Organization Storage Design Shelving Drawers

    The more organized my kitchen is, the more I want to get in there and whip up a gourmet meal.  There are so many ways to store cookware and dinnerware, that there is no excuse not to have some sort of organizational system in your kitchen.  Find one method that works for your specific space and run with it.

    Shelving Basket Storage for an Organized Home

    Throughout the rest of your home, the sky is the limit when creating storage solutions.  Behind, beneath, besides, between - anywhere you can envision it, you can figure out a way to store and organize it.  From a home office in a drawer to the ultimate readers doorway to compartmentalizing the small stuff, there is no end to creative, functional ways to stay organized.  Start off with one corner of one room, work slowly, and find a system of organization that works for you and your lifestyle.  If you listen to that little organizer voice with in you (we all have one, even if its just a whisper) it will be easy for you to create and maintain a beautifully organized home.

    All Images: Pinterest

  • Bedroom Lighting Basics for a Home Decor Refresh

    Bedroom Chandelier

    Welcome back for another week of Back to Basics lighting lessons! Today I'm turning my attention to bedroom lighting basics, where proper illumination is key for creating a relaxing mood. Soft and serene lighting in this space is of particular importance if you have high stress levels—i.e. if you're a human in the digital age. Anything too bright prevents a restful mindset, whereas by contrast, the right combination of lamps encourages calming activities and a good night's sleep.

    Wall Sconces for the Bedroom

    The value of bedside directional lighting in the bedroom can't be overstated. Although wall lights are a slightly bigger commitment and require more effort to install than table lamps or a stylish floor lamp, once they're mounted you'll be glad you invested the time and energy. A swing or jointed arm allows one bed partner to continue reading while the other sleeps unbothered by the light. In other words, lamps like these could save your marriage!

    Bedroom Table Lamps

    Bedside lamps are an important style statement as well as functional pieces. I tend to gravitate towards tall, slim bedside table lamps for one reason in particular: I'm messy by nature, and a streamlined look reminds me to keep my nightstand tidy. This type of lamp is often called a 'buffet lamp'—can't you picture a footman standing beside these specimens in the dining room on Downton Abbey?—but there's no reason why you can't take advantage of their willowy lines in the bedroom. Place one next to a stack of books, your journal, and a glass of water, and you're practically guaranteeing pillowside peace.

    Next week I'll finish up Back to Basics lighting in that trickiest of rooms, the bathroom. 

    Want more lighting basics? Read my past posts on kitchen lighting basics and living room lighting basics.

    Shopping Guide: 1. Bronze Swing Arm Wall Lamp 2. Old Bronze Swing Arm Lamp 3. Oiled Bronze Wall Light 4. Bronze Swing Arm Lamp 5. Cast Metal White Buffet Lamp 6. Chrome Buffet Table Lamp 7. Nickel and Leather Table Lamp 8. Black Shade Modern Table Lamp  

    Images: Lamps Plus Guest Blogging Pinterest.

  • Using Neutrals: Caramel Colored Decor

     Caramel Colored Decor

    Caramel colored decor is sumptuously rich and delicious. It looks like how it might taste if it were edible and believe me, my current post-holiday diet is starting to make me hallucinate. Caramel, like camel and beige are wonderful neutrals. They pair beautifully with white, cream and black for both traditional as well as contemporary design.

    Caramel Colored Painted Rooms

    Amber-hued, caramel colored walls and ceilings make a more daring statement if you want to amp-up your current cream colored walls. These warm tones are soothing and create a simple backdrop and compliment a room when multiple patterns are used. Using ornate sconces or a classic crystal chandelier will add drama and sparkle at night especially if you lacquer the walls. Think Dangerous Liaisons!  

    Neutral Colored Fabrics

    Not ready to commit to an entire room swathed in a decadent neutral tone? Start small with textiles and accessories. Whether you drape your bed in a creamy throw, or add throw pillows to your sofa, this warm neutral instantly make a space more cozy. Additionally, caramel colored tabletop decor and lighting can add a three dimensional statement to walls, corners and shelves. I love the idea of using a rug as an interesting tablecloth like the one above.

    Now that you've got a taste for caramel colored decor, it's time to get shopping:

    Amber Colored Home Decor

    Shopping List:

    1. Amber Hand-Made Glass Bowl 

    2. Amber Crystal Lotus Candle Holder 

    3. Swirl Amber Art Glass Table Lamp 

    4. Khanjali Adobe Designer Throw Pillow (currently unavailable)

    5. Besa Sphere Series Amber Cloud Accent Lamp 

    6. Amber Curves Hand-Made Glass Vase

    Photos: Habitually Chic, A Perfect Gray, Savvy Home, Architectual Digest.

  • Soothing Color Palettes for Small Spaces

    Soothing Color Palettes for Small Spaces

    Hi all and happy 2013! Given that the new year is about fresh starts and all, I'm going to be focusing my posts here on style and design tips for small spaces I've certainly done enough of it, inhabiting apartments as small as 475 sq feet. (My current San Francisco loft at 1,000 sq ft feels palatial in comparison!)

    My first lesson: monochromatic, soothing color palettes help small spaces feel larger.

    Monochromatic Color Palettes for Small Spaces

    Tip 1: When your space features a consistent use of muted tones your eye tends to travel around a room more seamlessly and perceives it to be bigger than it actually is.

    Tip 2: When your walls and ceilings are the same color you'll add a perception of height.

    Tip 3: Neutral palettes help objects in your room recede. Glass-tops (like on the dining table) add to that illusion of space by allowing you to see right through them!

    Color Palettes for Small Bedrooms

    But really, more than anything, I love the zen feeling neutral tones give off. There's enough crazy in our day to day lives that your home should provide a soothing respite that leaves you feeling ready to tackle whatever lies ahead!

    Images via Pinterest.

  • 12 Tips for Mudroom Organization

    While a formal entry is the place for prim and proper decor, by contrast, the mudroom is the place to get down and dirty. Literally. But just because it’s where the family stomps mud off their feet, doesn’t mean it needs to be a disaster. With mittens, scarves, and hats, plus coats and totes, not to mention ice skates, field hockey sticks, and the stray umbrella, the modern day mudroom is one of the most significant spaces in the house. So before we get any deeper into winter, take stock of what you’ve got, and figure out what you need to make order of it all. We’ve pulled together nine inspirational photos along with lists of must-have items to help you get your act (er, accouterments) together.   

    Tips for Mudroom Organization

    These mudrooms, each with gray floors, white walls, and natural toned accessories, are highly organized, with bins, hooks, and shelves for everything. Bins look to hold cold weather accessories and sporting equipment, while narrowly spaced shelving provides slots for multiple pairs of shoes. An abundance of hooks allows one to array a different tote for every day of the week. Finally, even the bike helmet is easily accessible. 

    Image credits: IKEA; Photo by Martin Dyrløv for Bolig Magasinet

    Bench and Pendant Lights in the Mudroom

    The gray and white palette of these long hallway entries create soothing backdrops for spaces that are chaotic more often than not. A tile floor is easily mopped; if there’s wood, be sure to add a runner, preferably in a dark toned pattern to mask dirt. Benches provide a place to perch when pulling on shoes, a designated spot for boots and shoes makes due in the absence of racks, and finally, a blackboard for everyday reminders.

    Image credits: Photo by Sharyn Cairns for Homelife; photo by Mikkel Adelsbol for Boligmagasinet

    Baskets and Storage for the Mudroom

    Open lockers are considered suburban splendor in the most luxurious of mudrooms. A slot for each kid keeps everyone in order. Don't be afraid to decorate like it’s a real room—the toile wallpaper on the upper left is a nice touch. As for the entry on the right, looks like an apartment with built-in cubbies filled with wicker baskets. Genius. Finally, do not forget to add enough wattage so you don’t mix up your brown gloves with black. If you’re hanging industrial pendant lamps by the door, be sure it doesn’t dangle too low, lest you won’t be able to get inside.

    Image credits: Traditional Home; via Pinterest; Restoration Hardware

    Mudroom Organization with Products from Lamps Plus

    Shopping Guide: 1. Philip Reinisch Croft Black Hall Organizer 2. Round Metal Wall Clock 3. Chain Coir Door Mat 4. Kichler Olde Bronze Fresnel Lens Pendant  5. Antiqued Wood and Metal Console Table 6. Brooklyn Bronze Sconce 7. Black Coat Tree 8. Uttermost Wrought Iron Chain Link Mirror 9. Zanzibar Collection Polished Chrome Black Leather Hook 10. Cancun Outdoor Trunk 11. Surya Smithsonian Area Rug 12. Saul Modern Grey Shelving Unit  13. Fresca Stitched Decorative Boxes  14. Profile Collection Shelf

  • Romantic Ideas: Valentine‚Äôs Day Decorating

     Valentine's Day Decorating

    Romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day decorating don’t need to come from insipid heart-shaped candies or cupid designed boxer shorts. Serious interiors can be achieved with the use of reds, pinks and even frills! No question, pink is a feminine color, however it can be used so that it doesn’t look like a little girl’s room. 

    Romantic rooms tend to be more traditional but can certainly be playful and flirty. Pink walls and decor can enhance anybody’s complexion, especially in the glow of a classic chandelier. Take notice how each of these rooms incorporate darker toned wood furniture or architecture to ground the space and offer a masculine counterbalance to the overall romantic themes.       

    Pink Decor

    A totally pink too much for you? No worries, here are a few romantic home decor items that can add a touch of glamour and romance to your home. Although everything here is pink, there are some more masculine shapes and designs to appeal to the men in your life.

    Shopping List:

    1. Annabelle Mid-century Modern Coral Linen Chair 2. Robert Abbey Pink Triple Gourd Ceramic Table Lamp 3. Kite Square Red Ikat Throw Pillow 4. Cumberland Blush Tone Decorative Throw Blanket 5. Surya Square Dusty Coral Pink Ruffled Accent Pillow

    Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

    Romantic ideas can also be all about the small details in your home as opposed to a full room redecoration. From dining room tabletops to dressing tables and side tables, pink can add just enough softness and elegance to make the most mundane space special. Check out some otherromantic decorating ideas on Pinterest.

    Shopping List:

    1. Rose and Calla Lily Faux Flower Arrangement 2. Mele & Co. Maria Plush Pink Jewelry Box 3. White and Pink Beaded Multi Cake Stand

    Photos: Habitually Chic.

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