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  • Blue Is the New Green

    If you've got the blues you're not alone. Most major color prognosticators are predicting that the color blue will reign in 2009. It's cool, relaxing and environmental all at once. In spirit of the blues, we present some of our favorite new items that put us in a blue mood. Or take a look at our inspiring collection of blue art shade lamps and beautiful blue decor.

    Blue Cornflower Silk Lamp Shade








    The blue cornflower silk lamp shade presents an eye-pleasing arrangement of blue flower shapes.
    Update: Sorry, the blue cornflower silk lamp shade is no longer available.



    Pottery Blue Vase








    Add a pop of cool color to bookshelves or tabletops with blue accent vases. Update: Teco Pottery Blue Kiss Vase (shown above) no longer available.


     Clear and Blue Crystal Chandelier Droplets








    And for a cool upscale sparkle, try this stunning chandelier with blue crystal droplets and beads from the gorgeous Vienna Full Spectrum lighting collection.


  • Saving Money with an Energy Audit

    A CFL Light Bulb

    National Public Radio reporter Richard Harris asked an energy auditor from the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy to visit his 100-year-old Maryland home to show him what he could do to cut back on his electricity use.

    One of his observations is that the simple things add up over time: "I can make a difference with simple steps, such as installing low-flow shower heads and compact fluorescent light bulbs." 

    You can listen to the segment online or read the transcript at the NPR site: Energy Conservation - Starting at Home. The page also contains some helpful hints about compact fluorescent bulbs and curbing energy use.

  • Yummy Chocolate Pillows

    Chocolate Pillows

    Blogger "The Chocolate Blues" found these mod-looking beige and chocolate pillows. We like them too! The set of two pillows are made in all natural fibers for a soft feel and are perfect for accenting a sofa or bed.

    The design also comes in a terra cotta, a grey and a navy blue.

    Take a look for yourself: Beige Chocolate Stitched Circles Pillows.

    Post update 10-11-11: The blog "The Chocolate Blues" seems to have bitten the dust, but we still love their taste in pillows wherever they are!

    Check out our latest selection of decorative pillows.


  • How to Create a Dorm Room Worth Showing Off!

    For teens headed off to college, one of the first things on your back-to-school list is choosing furniture and accessories. The challenge here is doing something fun and functional with a those teeny-tiny rooms. We found some great tips in this article from the Montreal Gazette titled "Dorm Decorating 101." Here are some more ideas to help you create your dream dorm room!

    Supercool Rolling Cube

    Multi-purpose pieces are key. This fabulous item, besides being ultra-stylish, can be used as a stool, a desk, a footrest, even a dining table! Not to mention it provides great storage space.

    iHome Desk Lamp

    Task lighting will come in handy, and this desk lamp is a great choice. It plays and charges your iPod, too! (here are some more iPod-ready choices)

    Soundwaves Pink Area Rug

    Want to put a stamp on your cookie-cutter dorm? This area rug is a great way to add color and personality. It comes is two other colors, too. UPDATE: Sorry, the Soundwaves Pink Area rug is no longer available. Browse all indoor area rugs.

    Flameless Battery Operated Candle

    Finally, candles add tons of character and good vibes to a room. But, considering most dorms have policies against candles, try battery-operated flameless candles. Perfect solution! As always, have fun decorating!

  • An Easy DIY Project: Go From Recessed to Pendant Light

    Recessed Lighting Can Converter at LampsPlus.comTransform your room in minutes with an easy DIY project using our recessed lighting can converter! The can converter allows you to modify recessed can lights to hang a ceiling fan, ceiling light, light canopy, swag light, pendant light or just about any other type of light fixture in just minutes. Pretty neat!

    The one trick: you can only mount to construction cans with bar hangers that will support the new fixture's weight.

    The Denver Home Improvement Examiner has a nice write-up of the product: Do-It-Yourself Recessed Lighting Conversions. Update: The write-up is no longer available at Denver Home Improvement Examiner. For more information about the can converter or recessed lighting, call 1-800-782-1967 toll-free to speak to a training Lamps Plus lightng associate.


  • What's Up With That Lamp?

    Are you ready for some football??!! A Monday night party??!!

    OK, so it's actually Monday afternoon, but I still feel like partying because the NFL season is upon us. It's time to celebrate Sundays again! And Monday night. And certain Thursdays, too.

    So, the other day, in between Brett Favre updates, I saw a TV commercial for the NFL Shop, and it showed a living room chock full of Steelers gear.

    From the black and gold paint and posters on the wall, to a custom Steelers reclining chair, this was a true fan's dream setup. And then, the camera focuses on a lamp. It's a Tiffany style Pittsburg Steelers table lamp, and it's fabulous. You'll be thrilled to hear we have one just like it for nearly every NFL team! Here's our Steelers version for the true fan:

    Pittsburgh Steelers Table Lamp

    And we've got plenty of other great NFL fan gear, too. And not just for Steelers fans, of course.

    New York Jets Desk Lamp

    Dallas Cowboys Rope Light

    And with college football right around the corner, we've got some great NCAA stuff, too!

    University of Miami Neon Sign


    Post update 8-1-11: We are sold out of the items pictured above. Sorry about that! Fans can click the links above to find our current NFL and college football gear.


  • Happy National Aviation Day Everyone!

    Way back in 1939, FDR set aside August 19th as National Aviation Day, a day to reflect on the history, development, and sheer wonder of flight.

    So, every year we celebrate Orville Wright's birthday and the ways he and his brother Wilbur changed our world forever.

    For you aircraft aficionados out there, I wanted to point out a couple of ultra-cool items on our site.

    Even if you can't leave the house, you can still enjoy the excitement of taking to the skies.

    Check out our great selection of aircraft models and decorative objects. Items like this Sopwith Camel feature incredible detail. It comes in two sizes.

    (POST UPDATE 12-2-09: Sorry, but the small Sopwith airplane replica is no longer available, only the large one. Click the image below for details). 

    Sopwith Camel Model Airplane Picture

    Now, you don't see this every day: We've got a scale model of the Hindenburg Zeppelin (POST UPDATE 12-6-09: this also sold out!) that features intricate detail. This incredible showpiece is hand-made and arrives fully assembled.

    Hindenburg Zeppelin Model Picture

    And finally, your little pilot will love this helicopter pendant light.

    Heli Pendant Light

    Happy birthday Orville!!


  • Asian-Inspired Home Decor to Spice Things Up

    The Olympics in China have been a visual feast so far. With the spectacular opening ceremonies and all of the images of Beijing, I'm inspired to post a couple ideas for working a little Eastern flavor into an interior.

    These great boxes, made with reclaimed walnut shells, are a quick, inexpensive way to personalize a room. The pieces are a modern, environmentally-conscious take on lacquer boxes.

    Asian-inspired Home Decor Box

    With ornate detail and rich color, Asian porcelain table lamps feature gorgeous classic patterns. They fit wonderfully with a range of decors, from traditional, to country, chic and eclectic, too. The beautiful example below features an exquisite flower and vine pattern in coral hues.
    Asian Porcelain Table Lamp in Coral
    Finally, I just love the Shanghai Collection from well-known designer Robert Sonneman. Brilliant polished chrome and warm opal glass is a great combination.
    Enjoy the Olympics!
  • Some People Call Me Meurice

    Jonathan Adler Meurice Collection 30-Light Brass Chandelier

    We love Jonathan Adler's "quirky modernist" style.

    He's the celebrity designer from Bravo's Top Design, and he recently created the look for the fabulous Parker Palm Springs resort (check out his Parker Collection for lighting inspired by the hotel!).

    Speaking of Adler, his Meurice Chandelier has been popping up everywhere! 

    See this recent blog (and this one) about retro design on TV, shows like AMC's Mad Men and CBS's Swingtown

    Looks like Adler, with his Meurice Collection, has his finger on the pulse!

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